by Scott Hill, K6IX

MixW Version 2.19 Help

MixWHelp is in a format called HTML Help. Each new MixW program release package contains the current "Overview of MixW" module of MixWHelp.

MixW HTML Help has four additional modules and you can download and use any or all of the modules as you need them. Download the .zip version of these files by clicking on the file names in the table below, and unzip the files into the MixW program and/or data folder.

NOTE: Windows may mark the unzipped (.chm) files as a security risk. If you are not able to access a downloaded and unzipped file, right click on the .chm file. Then left click on Properties at the bottom of the menu. In the Properties dialog box look at the bottom for a statement like: "Security: This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer". Click the Unblock button beside that statement, and then click the Apply and OK buttons.. Repeat for each .chm file that will not open.

This table, along with a more complete explanation of using MixW Help is included in the "Using MixWHelp" topic in the "Overview of MixW" module.

Module Name File Name Comments
Overview of MixW MixWMain.chm Required Module
Must be in MixW Folder
Configuration and Set Up MixWConfig.chm Covers the most important
MixW features
Operation MixWOps.chm Menu descriptions and operations
that are common to all modes
Digital Modes MixWModes.chm Basic theory and operating specifics
for each of MixW's modes
Appendices MixWApndx.chm More detailed and less frequently used

There is now also a PDF file available which contains all 5 sections of MixW Help (version 2.19). With the PDF format you can print only the pages you want to print. To download the 4.10 MB file click on: http://k6ix.net/MixW/MixWManual.pdf.

Three short PDF files have been written by Yioryos/SV8GGL to address specialized techniques used by some advanced operators. These files can be download by clicking on the blue links below.

Setting Up a Com Emulation Driver.

Using the Dual Spectrum Display.

Setting Up a Parallel Port for CW.

If you are downloading over a dial-up internet line, it is STRONGLY advised that you use a download management program. To find programs to help with downloading do a lookup on "download management programs" with your favorite search engine.

If you have corrections or changes for these files please send email to: scott(at)k6ix.net