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Radio Marine Corporation Key Covers

I had this key (the RM-24 shown on the right) for a couple of years, but did not have any information about it until I got a very nice email from Herman, VK2IXV, along with the picture shown below. The covers were to protect the radio operator (R/O) from the high voltage present on the key contacts. Herman was nice enough to let me use the picture of his RM-28 along with his comments.

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From Herman/VK2IXV's email: "One of my keys is a US Signal Corps J-37 with a cover type RM-28. These keys were used on RCA Maritime shipboard radio equipment 4U, 5U and 6U. During and after WW2 Victory ships had RCA 4U radio equipment on board. The transmitters, receivers and associated equipment were housed in one large console which consisted of 4 units (panels), therefore the name 4U. I remember using this key when I was employed as Marine R/O on 2 Dutch vessels, namely the ss Groote Beer (the former 'Costa Rica Victory') and the ss Tjibodas (former 'Kokomo Victory')".

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